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5 Top Benefits of Getting Liposuction Plastic Surgery

Today it is not uncommon for everyone to consider some kind of plastic surgery. Many take the route of breast augmentation or dermal fillers for looking younger and trying to stop time. Liposuction, however is one of the top cosmetic surgery’s being done in the world today because it is less invasive than other surgery’s and it has a great deal of benefits to the patient.

Get rid of excess fat successfully

When you have been working hard but still have some fat pockets that are persistent and will not go away no matter what you liposuction can help you. This is the biggest reason most people get liposuction and truly the top benefit from the procedure. Getting rid of excess fat has its own benefits as well which include:

• Feeling less self-conscious
• Improve how you feel overall

You can target specific areas

Another top benefit of liposuction is that you can target specific areas on your body. This benefit does go hand in hand with getting rid of excess fat, but has enough merit to be listed on its own. If you have some issues with fat pockets that are very localized whether it be in the buttocks, hips, abdomen, waist or a variety of other areas your surgeon can help you target the right place where you will see the best results for you.

Improves your self esteem

It cannot be said enough how much self-esteem helps your health. When you have a positive outlook of yourself, you feel more up and often times will stay with a healthy lifestyle plan longer. While liposuction is not a cure all it can certainly help you get a more positive outlook. Sometimes we all need a little help with how we feel about ourselves and this is a relatively safe way to see long term benefits mentally and physically.

Decrease the risk of heart disease and diabetes

While you will need to take in other life changing factors when you wish to control or prevent serious health issues such a as diabetes and heart diseases liposuction can help. It is a known fact that carrying around extra fat is a high factor in these two diseases and many others. By removing excess pockets of fat from your body you are helping yourself to be healthier. Aside from heart disease and diabetes liposuction can help you to prevent:

• High Blood Pressure
• Stroke
• Abnormal Blood Fats
• Metabolic Syndrome
• Cancer
• Osteoarthritis
• Sleep Apnea
• Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome
• Reproductive Problems
• Gallstones

Help sculpt specific body areas

Once you have done the hard word at the gym and lost extra weight and begun sculpting your body you may notice there are some areas that will not respond to diet or exercise and sculpt. A top benefit of liposuction is the ability to help you get these specific areas sculpted. The procedure is very specific to an area and you will be able to sculpt even the smallest area that needs help. Just talk with your surgeon and find the best way to make it work for your body.

A Checklist to Prepare You for Liposuction Treatment

So you have gone through carefully weighed your choices and decides that liposuction is going to work for you. You have selected your Doctor had your first consult and now you have scheduled your surgery. There is no doubt that you are probably excited. The question now becomes what will you do in the meanwhile you wait for your surgery? The good news is that preparing for the surgery is very easy and if you follow a small checklist you will see a big boost in your results and it will put your mind at ease.

• Follow directions: The most important thing you can do when preparing for your liposuction or any cosmetic surgery, even dermal fillers is to listen to all of your doctor’s directions. If you have any worry about something, ask the Doctor. Following directions and asking if you don’t know will reduce potential side effects.

• Stop taking certain medications: With a proper consult, you will have been told this already but you need to make yourself a big bold note. Two weeks before surgery you should stop taking all blood thinners, aspirin, anti-inflammatory and vitamin E, anything that thins your blood.

• Stop smoking: If you smoke, you have likely heard this before, but it is important to stop two weeks before liposuction and for at least a month after. The reason why is that smoking increases risks as nicotine will restrict the flow of good oxygen rich blood to the site of surgery.

• Understand prescription instructions: The Doctor performing your liposuction surgery will likely have given you your prescriptions to fill before surgery and you should do so. If you have any questions on how to take the medication, ask before the surgery so you are ready when you return home after your surgery.

• Be realistic about weight loss: If you have lost weight before surgery, you need to be realistic. Do not start back in old habits right after surgery, you may undo the results you hoped to get with liposuction.

• Stock up on easy to eat foods: You will want to make sure your house is ready for your return and easy on the stomach foods are what you will need. Soup, crackers and jello are staples as you recover and you should also have fruits and prune juice that are high in fiber to help post-surgery as well.

• Make a comfortable area: You will not feel like doing much right after surgery so make sure you have a good and comfortable area to sleep when you arrive home. Pillows help with this and keep your phone on hand.

• Think about scar reduction lotions: A lotion such as Mederma or a special coco butter may be a good idea while you recover. Applying this lotion will reduce your scar you can also try Benadryl or an oatmeal soap for a reduction in itching.

• Don’t forget a ride: You will need someone to take you to the surgery and bring you home. Ideally, they should also be able to stay with you the first night when you get home.

With this simple check list being follows you can have a smooth and easy process after your liposuction surgery. Recovery time will vary by person, but it is a relatively low risk and easy procedure to recover from.

5 Great Benefits of Liposuction

There are more people today turning to liposuction than ever to help them achieve goals for their bodies. There is a great deal of benefits you can reach by turning to liposuction that are both physical and mental too. Liposuction has in fact become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world beat out only by breast augmentation in most countries. Some of it is because of the relative safety of liposuction. The other reason for the popularity of course is the benefits you can have from liposuction, let’s look at five of them.

1. Fat removal in a safe way

Thanks to advances in technology and the training of surgeon’s liposuction is a relatively safe and risk free way to remove pockets of fat. Whether you just need a little touch of fat loss here and there or you have lost a lot of weight and need help polishing off the rest, it is a good choice.

2. Cellulite reduction or an overall improvement of how it appears.

No woman likes cellulite and liposuction surgery can help to remove it or at the very least improve and diminish the look of cellulite. There are creams and various other over the country items that you can try, however more often than not you are just throwing your money away. Speak with your Doctor and they will be able to tell you just how much they will be able to aid in cellulite removal.

3. Overall health improvements that happen with fat loss

Fat can cause a lot of health problems in men and women alike. Added fat on the body can cause heart issues, diabetes, sleep issues and can also wreak havoc on your body’s joints. The removal of the added fat can aid your body in starting to repair damage that has already been done as well as keeping more damage from happening.

4. Self-esteem boost

When you feel better about yourself, you are able to take on new challenges and focus on your overall well-being and health. Liposuction may not be a cure-all, but it can help give you the right mental outlook to truly change your life overall. There is power in positive thinking and self-esteem that is better.

5. Gives a body sculpt to areas of your body that diet and exercising were not reaching.

Sometimes no matter how much you exercise and eat correctly, there are parts of your body that refuse to get with the program. If you have been dieting and working out and lost weight but still have some trouble areas liposuction can help with that. With the removal of the fat around trouble areas there is also a sculpting that takes place and it will make it easier for you when you get back to the gym.
There truly is a myriad of benefits to liposuction surgery that can help improve your life. If you are considering liposuction speak with your plastic surgeon and find out all the benefits and what risk there are involved as well.

5 Basics about Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a common surgical procedure that many look to when they want to do some improvements. It is not as drastic as a surgery such as breast augmentation and yet is a surgery unlike dermal fillers. The key thing for any patient going into liposuction surgery is to at least know some of the basics, in this article we will cover five.

Candidacy for liposuction surgery

The first basic fact, you need to know is if you are eligible for this kind of procedure. You need to know if you qualify or if something else will take you out of the running for having liposuction surgery.

Those who will be not be good candidates for liposuction include:

• Women who might be pregnant, are pregnant or are nursing.
• Those who have health problems that can keep them from healing properly.
• Those who are taking blood thinners and unable to stop them in the few weeks before they have surgery.
• Those who are allergic to lidocaine as it is used in the procedure.

Those who will be better suited for liposuction:

• Teenagers, on a person by person basis a Doctor may agree to do this on a teen especially one who has lots a great deal of weight and has some pockets left.
• Adults with no health issues.
• Adults with no worry of pregnancy.
• Upper age is not a factor: There is no limit on age but younger patients will generally have a better “spring” back of the skin.

Cost of liposuction surgery

There are a great deal of factors to take in when you are looking at the cost of liposuction surgery. Commonly it will cost between $2,000 and $3,500 per procedure.

Considerations in the cost of liposuction:

• The treatment area
• Multiple treatment areas
• Body type
• The procedure used
• The doctor
• The geographic area

Payment choices

While this goes along with cost it is also something that needs to be addressed on its own merit. Liposuction surgery is an elective surgery so it is not covered by any insurance. You can pay cash, check or credit card of course and many surgeons will have in house financing for you to consider. In house financing will be based on credit but is often low to no interest as long as you make payments on time. Check with your

Doctor directly to see if they offer it.

The last choice to pay for your liposuction surgery is third party financing. This type of third party financing is usually called Care Credit or something similar in which you get approval for a certain amount of medical care. The card which can only be used for medical procedures works like a standard credit card.

Choosing the right surgeon

While liposuction surgery is considered very safe, you need to take you time and pick the right surgeon for you. Every Doctor has a different skill level and more importantly you simply need to feel comfortable.

There are something’s you can look at to make your job easier when selecting the right surgeon for you.

• Look at the certifications and affiliations.
• Look at how much experience the Doctor has.
• Past results.
• Procedures offered.
• Beside manner.

The initial consult

When you are ready to take the step to get liposuction and have a Doctor selected you will set up our first appointment. Any Doctor worth their salt will require an in-depth planning meeting with you before they will schedule the surgery. They will want to make sure you have realistic result ideas among other things.
What we have covered here is just the tip of the iceberg on what you should expect from liposuction surgery. If you are seriously considering getting this treatment speak directly with a medical professional to guide you.

Tea Tree Oil and Acne

Tea Tree Oil and Acne

So you want to know more about Tea tree oil and acne? I wasn’t one of those teenagers who have acnes all over their face while they were growing up. I only started to have countless of zits after I gave birth to my children. This didn’t come as a surprise since I’m aware that my hormones were all over the place while I was still pregnant. My hormonal imbalance might have triggered my skin to produce outbreaks. To solve my problem, I have bought many anti acne products. Sadly, they were all ineffective. So, I’m still left with the question of how can I get my clear skin back?
After several rounds of trial and error, I decide to treat my acnes the natural way. That’s when I found tea tree oil.

I’m not saying that this product would work for everybody.

Nevertheless, it was an effective treatment for all of my acnes. I’m not being paid to write this review. I just want everybody to know how great this product is and I figure out that it’s my way of paying back to the oil that has done so much for me. At the end day, you are still entitled to your own opinion.

I’m an avid fan of Tea Tree Oil for a decade now. I guess I would continue using this product for the rest of my life. You can’t really blame me. This item has constantly reduced the size of my acnes leaving me completely satisfied. With this oil, I always seem to have a great day ahead. My colleagues compliment my glowing skin most of the time and that makes me feel good about myself. I may not have perfect skin because of my rosacea but then, I don’t have those irritating pimples thanks to this incredible product.see their latest post at

I clean my face twice a day in 3 steps. I strictly follow this routine simply because I don’t want my pores to get clogged again. Below are the steps that I apply to my skin. You can make use of these steps too.

Cleansing: Accumulated oil and dirt are eliminated from your face when you thoroughly wash it. As for me, I have used several Tea Tree Oil soaps for this first step. I don’t settle for the usual soap that can be seen in the market. Right now, I’m making use of Vitamin World’s Herbal Authority Tea Tree Oil Soap. My child is using a skin wash from the same brand. The Castile Soap with Tea Tree Oil from Dr. Bonner is also quite a treat. You might want to check it out in your local health food store when you have the time.

Toning: Toners serve as astringents and they can certainly tighten your pores. However, a lot of toners nowadays can easily make your skin dry because of their alcohol content. Thus, you should look for a milder toner such as Witch Hazel. This is the item that I use for myself. It doesn’t make my skin sting or burn and I’m really comfortable as it settles on my face. This product is readily available in dollar stores or in health food stores.

Moisturizing: If you have several acnes on your face and an oily skin, then you should not forget to moisturize that part of your body. I’ve been applying a reliable moisturizer on my face for about 2 decades now and I have no regrets. I look a couple of years younger than my actual age and I’m really proud of the way I look. I may not appear like a young adult anymore but I definitely don’t look old enough to be someone’s grandmother. Retinol Cream is that one moisturizer that I am recommending to everybody.
I also want you to know that you can afford to buy all of these products. Their cost only amounts to $15 and I believe that amount is within anyone’s budget.

Tea Tree Oil and Acne

By the way, I use cotton swabs in applying Tea Tree Oil to my acnes. I don’t use my bare hands simply because that is not hygienic. Moreover, I don’t apply the product to the rest of my face. That is really not necessary. My pimples will eventually disappear after 48 hours.

I also apply a facial mask to my skin at least once a week. Dead Sea Mud Masks, Grape seed Masks and French Clay Masks are just some of the products that I would recommend you to use. Why do I use face masks? I use these items to make sure that my face won’t accumulate huge amounts of dirt and that my pores are unclogged most of the time. Masks are inexpensive so they are definitely worth the try.go to the original source for more information.

You can easily have your clear skin back when you use the right set of products. You don’t even have to spend a fortune for you to be able to get all of these things. You just to find what are suitable for your skin type and consider trying natural remedies for your acnes. Pimple prevention can be as easy as that.

benzoyl peroxide

Pantothenic Acid Acne

Pantothenic acid is part of coenzyme A which turns your food into energy by simplifying the nutrients from that item. It is an important B vitamin type that you can get from the things that you eat. It is also an acyl-carrier protein component which is connected to the creation of hormones inside your boody. Why do you need to know all of these things? It is because you need to be aware that pantothenic acid can keep your acnes at bay and totally eliminate them if you give it a chance. It can give you more benefits than you can ever imagine.

Why Do Acnes Appear?

Bacteria, sebum oil and hormones are the 3 elements which are involved in the development of acnes.

It can’t be denied that hormones play a huge part in getting those acnes on your face. If it doesn’t, then why do most teenagers who have more hormones because of their age possess these skin breakouts? Well, the more androgen (hormone) that you have inside your body, the bigger your sebaceous glands get. This leads to excessive sebum oil in your system and finally results to clogged pores which are actually the acnes that you see on your face.

Sebum oil can trap bacteria inside your skin which leaves it with no choice but to form acnes. Inflammation and infection can happen once these pores continue to accumulate more dirt and oil.

What Can Pantothenic Acid Do?

As you already know, pantothenic acid is an essential part of CoA. Without the right amount of this acid in your body, you can expect to have less CoA as a result. Without CoA, fats won’t be turned into useful hormones. Unused fats go straight right into the sebaceous glands which produce sebum oil. You know the drill. Sebum oil triggers your acnes and all of your problems would basically start from there.

Also, when you don’t have enough pantothenic acid in your body, your CoA would come up with more androgen and would make your sebaceous glands grow bigger at the same time. Once this happens, you can expect to have hormonal imbalance and more oil on your face.

benzoyl peroxide

Pantothenic acid can help you fight against stress as well. It can produce hormones which can make you feel more relaxed, give you a firmer immune system that can withstand any bacteria and prevent your acnes from showing on your face. If you want to have a worry free day, then make sure that you get the right amount of this acid for your body.

On top of that, pantothenic acid can easily heal your acnes by reducing the swelling and redness on your skin.

Using Pantothenic Acid in Treating Your Acnes

If you’re an adult, then you should take at least 10 mg of pantothenic acid on a daily basis. Get this dosage from the foods that you eat. If you have acnes, then you would have to get more of this acid from supplements that are available in the market.check more related issues at

stress control

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control

First of all, Neutrogena Acne Stress Control has no oil content. It is a 3 in 1 package that keeps your face hydrated all throughout the day. It deals with your acnes in 3 steps: it prevents them from appearing on your face, gives you a soft and moisturized skin and reduces the irritation and redness of your acnes. It has the innovative MicroClear technology that you can count on keeping your breakouts at bay.

The kind of technology that it has is the main reason why it is able to prevent your acnes from becoming visible to the naked eye. It penetrates deep into your skin to give you the results that you want. Moreover, it has cucumber and green tea to give you a stress free and soft skin that anyone would die for.

This product from Neutrogena gets down to the root of your skin problem and provides a remedy to your breakouts if you already have them. It’s the hottest trend in the world of acne prevention which makes it a must have for people who are suffering from varied cases of skin breakouts.

Less Stress and Acnes on Your Face

If you want to have a skin that would be the envy of all your colleagues, then are recommended to give this product a try. It deals with the root causes of your skin irritation and gets you cured from all of your acnes at the same time. Its green tea and cucumber extracts are a huge bonus at times when you just want to have a soft and soothing skin. This product is simply a jack of all trades that can give you exactly what you more information from their official website.

MicroClear Technology

This kind of technology is basically your greatest weapon against acnes. It keeps your pores from getting clogged preventing bacteria to go all the way down to your inner skin layer. It keeps your face clean by dissolving all the dirt and oil which can be found in the area. Any breakout would find it hard to mess with this innovative technology.

Client review:

In the last couple of years, I allowed myself to get acquainted with almost all of the anti-acne products that are available in the market. I encouraged myself to take the risk believing that one of them would help me solve my problem. I tried proactive when I was in high school but that product was a piece of junk. It only made my acnes become worse. It may have worked for some of my friends but then, I’m never going to try that item ever again. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.

stress control

After that day, I took the medicines that my dermatologist prescribed to me. Unfortunately, that decision only brought pain to my face. I felt like I have a huge sun burn on my face for a whole year. There were redness and flakes all over it. That experience was simply horrible. Then, I started applying tea tree oil (the one that’s 100% Australian) and the Neutrogena face wash on my skin. My life basically changed from that day onwards.

I realized at that moment that I should have tried these products from the very first day that I entered high school but then, regrets are always in the end. Now, I’m a solid fan of these items and I’m recommending you to try the amazing foam acne wash from Neutrogena as well.
I love these two products and I’m pretty sure that you’ll feel the same way towards them too. Buy them as soon as you can.go to for more information and details.

his pimples

How to Prevent Pimples

Let’s discuss how to prevent pimples

1.) Avoid direct contact with the light of the sun as much as possible. As they say, too much of anything is not good for anybody. Thus, excessive exposure to the sun would surely damage your skin. Also, if you want to prevent your acnes from going severe and reduce your chances of acquiring skin cancer, then you would need to stay indoors while the sun is giving out harmful ultraviolet rays. If you have no choice but to go outdoors, then apply non comedogenic sunscreen on your skin for your safety.

2.) If you have an oily type of skin, then you should be mindful of the things that you do to your hair. Take note that acnes can form on your forehead so you would have to be careful in letting your hair undergo a certain kind of treatment. It’s not common for a person to have excess oil in one’s scalp. Thus, you are advised to give your hair a thorough wash every other day. This would certainly keep your skin and hair in good condition.

If your forehead is filled with acnes, then you should not put too much shampoo or conditioner on your hair. Keep in mind that you don’t know how your skin breakouts would react to the chemicals in these products so just keep things in moderation for you to be on the safe side.

3.) During weekends, make sure that wash your pillowcases. The covers of your pillows can accumulate so much dirt in just a few days so it is important for you to keep them oil free for you to prevent acquiring those pimples. Thus, have at least 2 pairs of pillowcases for you to be able to do this task and to minimize your laundry duties as well.check more facts at

4.) Touching your face is a big NO in the world of acne prevention. No matter how much you clean your hands, you still use them to touch and get hold of a lot of things. Thus, you can never be sure of their cleanliness. So, don’t touch your face if you want to stay away from those disturbing acnes.
If your sibling has acnes, then don’t lend him or her some of your personal belongings. It’s not hygienic and you would only let the bacteria transfer to your face once you do that.

5.) If you are fond of wearing makeup, then make sure that your face is totally cosmetic free when you go to bed. Wash your face as soon as you get home from a party or from work. You may find this routine to be troublesome but it’s for your own good. Sleeping with your make up on would only clog your pores and let you gain acnes first things in the morning. Always keep that in mind.

6.) Use an exfoliating product once a week. If you can’t find this item in your local drugstore, then you can create your own exfoliating cream. It’s not hard to make one and you would just have to search for the steps over the Internet. However, you should never apply an exfoliating product more than once on your face in a span of one week. This item has strong chemicals that your skin won’t be able to handle if you apply it twice.

7.) Wash your face on a regular basis. Do it when you wake up in the morning and before you sleep at night?
Get the face wash that is most suitable for your skin type.
Moreover, make sure that your hands are clean before you use them to wash your face.
Most importantly, gently scrub or wash your face. Don’t exert too much effort on the task.

8.) After washing your face, make sure that you apply a moisturizer on it. You shouldn’t skip this step if you want to prevent those acnes from appearing on your skin. Keep in mind that your skin is part of your body. In fact, it is the largest organ that you have. Thus, you should do everything to keep it moisturized. Washing your face can actually reduce its moisture content. So, you would need to get that moisture back with the use of a moisturizer.

his pimples

Reminder: get a moisturizer that would be suitable for your type of skin. follow their latest comment for more reviews.

Dry skin: Since you have a lot of work to do on your skin, you would need to buy a moisturizer that would have a longer and stronger effect on your face. A cream-based moisturizer has those exact characteristics.

Oily skin: This type of skin just needs the right amount of moisture to improve its condition. Thus, a milder gel-based moisturizer is best for people who have oily skin in order to prevent pimples.