Healing the Heart

We know that art therapy can help children with anger, stress and depression. Do you know that it can also help children with heart disease?

One such patient is an 18 year old girl profiled in the July 1 2009 issue of the Wall Street Journal. At age 9, she had her second heart transplant. Her body was determined to reject the first heart. She went into cardiac arrest six times in 2 hours. She recalled being “awake” when the doctors were frantically trying to revive her.

Fearing that they would pull the plug on her, she tried desperately to tell the people in the hospital room that she was alive.Recuperating at home was no easy matter; she kept having recurring nightmares in which she watched herself suffering cardiac arrest.

Things, however, began to change when she took up the pen. She began writing down her thoughts about being helpless and scared. She turned these details into poems and stories. Eventually, the nightmares disappeared.

Now 18, she has successfully completed high school and is looking forward to nursing school in the fall.She credits her writing for helping her deal with her heart and surgery. It was her creative expression through writing that enabled her to transform something frightening and painful into a positive goal – to make something of her life.

Researchers are taking note of the positive relationship between art therapy and the heart. Some current clinical data on this relationship include the following:

a) Psychosocial factors like depression and stress have been found to be strong risk factors for heart attacks. In fact, these emotional factors are considered as strong as physiological factors like high blood pressure and diabetes.

According to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, depression increases the risk of heart disease more than genetics or the environment. This means that any intervention that can reduce depression can benefit the heart. Scientists are working to determine how artistic expression can be considered a valid form of clinical intervention to be used along with exercise, diets and medication for reducing heart disease. (more…)

Natural Therapy for Heart Disease

There is a more simple and highly effective therapy for heart disease than you might think. In fact this is so simple and profound that it would be quite easy to dismiss it, so be open and curious about this rather than closed and critical.

Without doubt Water Fasting is the number one natural therapy for heart disease. If you want to prevent heart attack, stroke and reverse high blood pressure, angina or any other related condition or disease then you might want to look into the beneficial and often miraculous effects of water fasting.

Fasting is an ancient therapy, the animals have been doing it forever, just watch a dog, when it get’s sick it will curl up under a tree and stop eating for a few days until it feels better. Hippocrates noted 3000 Years ago that his patients with inflamed rheumatoid arthritis got better after fasting.

Most diseases we see today are those of excess and so with fasting as a natural therapy for heart disease, it gives the body a rest, so it can repair and regenerate. People with high blood pressure will notice a significant drop in their blood pressure while fasting, for some people this will take a couple of days and for others a couple of weeks and there is a very good reason why this happens.

  1. When people are used to eating a Standard American Diet, there is a lot of salt in the processed foods and this salt makes you retain water and more water in the blood increases your blood pressure. During the first few days of a fast there is usually a marked diuresis, where people dump the salt and the water, and that brings the blood pressure down.
  2. When we eat fats and oils in the diet they get into the blood stream and coat the blood cells. The cells start sticking together and becomes more viscous. If your blood is more viscous (thicker) it is like trying to force molasses through a straw, so more pressure is needed, hence higher blood pressure. So when the person starts fasting and this fat intake is no longer present the blood becomes thinner and easier to pump around the body. Thus the blood pressure lowers.
  3. Inflammation massively decreases during a fast and the veins and arteries open wider than before to allow increased blood flow, which is the key to healing. (more…)
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