Natural Therapy for Heart Disease

There is a more simple and highly effective therapy for heart disease than you might think. In fact this is so simple and profound that it would be quite easy to dismiss it, so be open and curious about this rather than closed and critical.

Without doubt Water Fasting is the number one natural therapy for heart disease. If you want to prevent heart attack, stroke and reverse high blood pressure, angina or any other related condition or disease then you might want to look into the beneficial and often miraculous effects of water fasting.

Fasting is an ancient therapy, the animals have been doing it forever, just watch a dog, when it get’s sick it will curl up under a tree and stop eating for a few days until it feels better. Hippocrates noted 3000 Years ago that his patients with inflamed rheumatoid arthritis got better after fasting.

Most diseases we see today are those of excess and so with fasting as a natural therapy for heart disease, it gives the body a rest, so it can repair and regenerate. People with high blood pressure will notice a significant drop in their blood pressure while fasting, for some people this will take a couple of days and for others a couple of weeks and there is a very good reason why this happens.

  1. When people are used to eating a Standard American Diet, there is a lot of salt in the processed foods and this salt makes you retain water and more water in the blood increases your blood pressure. During the first few days of a fast there is usually a marked diuresis, where people dump the salt and the water, and that brings the blood pressure down.
  2. When we eat fats and oils in the diet they get into the blood stream and coat the blood cells. The cells start sticking together and becomes more viscous. If your blood is more viscous (thicker) it is like trying to force molasses through a straw, so more pressure is needed, hence higher blood pressure. So when the person starts fasting and this fat intake is no longer present the blood becomes thinner and easier to pump around the body. Thus the blood pressure lowers.
  3. Inflammation massively decreases during a fast and the veins and arteries open wider than before to allow increased blood flow, which is the key to healing. (more…)

3 Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

As soon as people adopt the typical Western diet and way of life they become prone to a devastating risk of heart and cardiovascular disease. And it has been estimated that 80% of deaths resulting from cardiovascular disease are in fact preventable, if people were to make better lifestyle choices. In this case our future is really in our own hands!

As time passes atherosclerosis sets in. Our once clean, flexible blood vessels start to clog up with deposits of plaque. When this happens the flow of blood is constricted and eventually a blood vessel can become completely blocked. Areas of the body are starved of oxygen and disease follows. High blood pressure (hypertension), strokes, thrombosis and heart failure are some of the consequences of this process.

What to do?

• Exercise more! Being a couch potato is simply bad for our health.

It is important to choose activities that you enjoy so that they do not become too much of a chore to sustain. And finding a team, group or buddy to ‘play’ with is a really good idea, as it keeps you going when the going gets tough.

• Stop smoking. There is nothing to recommend this habit from a health point of view. And if there is an aesthetic advantage, it certainly escapes me. Someone once said that kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray – a picture that should put anyone off the habit for all time!

• Choose to eat differently. The advice will almost certainly have a familiar ring to you:

o Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. They are the source of a whole range of important nutrients, but here the focus is on the antioxidants that they supply. These are found in brightly coloured varieties especially, including tomatoes, beets, berries, broccoli red peppers, spinach, mangoes, papayas, red grapes and so on. They prevent the LDLs (low density lipoproteins) in the blood from becoming oxidized and sticky so they will no longer deposit on the walls of the blood vessels as plaque. (more…)

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